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Helping Our Healthcare Heroes During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Helping Our Healthcare Heroes During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Health workers fight to save our lives but there is no one to save theirs. Bluecrest donated 60 PPE kits to 2 hospitals in Pune so that they don’t have to worry about their safety.

Here’s Why Our Healthcare Heroes Need Our Help

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in us. But those who are most affected by the virus, apart from the patients, are our frontline workers. Nurses, doctors and even the police are constantly getting exposed to the virus while protecting the nation from its spreading.

Our health workers are working double shifts to save patients but they cannot continue to save lives if they are not secured with proper Personal Protective Equipment or PPE Kits.

Due to the shortage, many doctors have been forced to use raincoats and helmets to create a barrier against them and the virus. Earlier India was importing all PPE kits from China, however, with the sudden increase in demand, the number of kits were just not enough.

Hence, India started producing the fabric for PPE  suits from scratch. The only issue we face now is the seam sealing machines that bind the fabric together.

India currently has 150 seam sealing machines and that is not enough to produce PPE suits in bulk. We have been put on a 12-week hold by the Chinese government hence we have no other choice but to wait for the machines. 

Despite all the efforts, the Government cannot do this on their own on such short notice. They have asked private sectors to manufacture PPE kits and to reach out to China to source more hot air seam sealing machines in India.

India Needs:

200-300 hot air seam sealing machines

At least 1,000,000 PPE kits

1.5 crore kits by June

40,000,000 N95 masks

20,000,000 surgical masks

1,000,000 litres of hand sanitisers

Public health expert, Anant Bhan says, “this virus is highly contagious and the only defence medical teams have is good quality PPEs.”


Bluecrest wanted to donate PPE kits to health workers to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

We recently learned about a private firm in Mumbai that is producing PPE kits for the Covid-19 outbreak. We got in touch with the firm owner in Nashik and ordered 60 PPE kits for our brave healthcare warriors. 

Each kit comprises of:

1 Coverall suit with sheet

1 Hood cover

1 3 Ply mask

1 Leggings

1 Goggle

1 Disposable bag

Helping Our Healthcare Heroes During The Covid-19 Pandemic
After wearing the PPE Kit, frontliners are fully covered from head to toe

We distributed the kits amongst KEM Hospital and Sassoon Hospital for their doctors, nurses, paramedics, ward boys, cremation workers etc.

Helping Our Healthcare Heroes

Sassoon hospital requires around 400-500 kits a day. We were able to supply 10% of their total requirements of kits in a day.

Since PPE kits are currently enlisted as essential products we received the kits in 2 days. After receiving our travel pass, we were able to visit the two respective hospitals in Pune and deliver the kits.

Lastly, we’re incredibly grateful for the police force for being kind and helpful. They made it easier for us to reach the two hospitals on time and make a difference.


Helping Our Healthcare Heroes During The Covid-19 Pandemic
We can all help our healthcare heroes if we donate a few PPE kits, masks, gloves and hand sanitisers

On the whole, our project was a success. We are humbled to get the chance to speak with Dr Dasmit Singh and Dr Pradyna Bhalerao and thank them for their dedication. After talking to them, we learned that it has become exceedingly challenging for health workers to care for their patients as they don’t have enough medical equipment.

As we continue to battle COVID-19, our health workers are facing shortages every single day. Hence we must unite and help our health workers in every way that we can.

Currently, hospitals are facing shortages in: 

  • PPE kits
  • Ventilators
  • Sanitisers
  • Medical gloves
  • Certain drug shortages
  • Cleaning equipment

Manufacturers will also require hot air seam sealing machines to increase the production of PPE kits.

Any assistance and donations to make the above equipment available will greatly help the entire nation.

Lastly, the most crucial way to help our front line workers is to reduce their burden. We can do this by:

  • Staying at home
  • Washing hands regularly with soap or use a hand sanitiser
  • Maintaining distance with others
  • Coughing into our elbows instead of our hands
  • Wearing a handkerchief, scarf or mask to prevent the spreading/inhaling of the Covid-19 virus

Stay safe; stay at home and take care.

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