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Bluecrest has more than 30 years of experience in the Human Resource and management department. We provide recruitment services, payroll management services, executive searches, staffing and selection etc. Allow us to use our experience and knowledge to find you the most ideal set of employees for your workplace.

With offices in Thane, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, we worked with several companies in India and abroad and noticed that no matter how diverse are in terms of culture and mannerisms, the fundamentals of a good workplace remains the same. Employees and employers together form the perfect work environment when they are satisfied, appreciated for their hard work and yet challenged to learn new things frequently. We not only help you find employees who best fit your job description, but conduct regular follow ups to ensure that your new workforce has settled in well with the workings of the company.


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Our services are designed to help you with the different phases in your employee hiring timeline. From finding the right employee, to cross verifying their information, conducting interviews, staffing and selection, payroll management and follow ups, we are here for the entire journey. Our systematic approach has led to many successful placements in the past. We dedicate our services to those who want to ensure that they find their ideal professional match. It makes us one of the best recruitment agency in India.

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