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All companies, whether big or small rely on the revenue coming from their human capital. Hence it is very important to manage human resources effectively so that your company can run with ease.

We provide excellent HR Consultancy Services in Thane. Bluecrest has some of the finest recruiters working with us. This is why we can supervise everything from recruiting to managing employees at your workplace.
Every Bluecrest HR expert has individual success stories we are proud of. We are eager to share our years of experience, invaluable support and advice with your company and bring the best out of your team.

Our process is very simple. Every new project is unique and it is important to get a full understanding of your human resource statistics before digging deep into it. We begin our venture by arranging a meeting and discussing your needs in great detail. In the course of our meeting, we outline the following.

  • The turnaround rate for each staffing position
  • The estimate salary and benefits of the given position
  • The level of experience needed for the position
  • Allocated business radius within which the candidate should reside in

We Provide The Best HR Consulting Service

Our employee database along with our systematic approach towards each recruitment, allows us to close positions effectively and within the allocated time. This sets us apart as one of the most efficient HR Consultancy in Thane, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. 

Employee retention strategies lie at the core of Bluecrest HR consultancy services and with Thane’s increasing population, we are certain we can place efficient employees within an ideal work atmosphere.

Bluecrest also values customer relationships and feedback. We understand that our work does not end after a person has been hired in their respective positions. Our loyalty and commitment towards all our clients set us apart from other HR Consultancies.

We assist with HR policy making, for a smooth running of the workforce. It has increased productivity by 30 – 60% for companies across the board.

Why choose Bluecrest HR As Your Human Resource Agency in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai?

Human resource is more than just workforce management for us. We don’t just place candidates in a workforce because they fit the bill. We build dreams for both the employer and the employee. Wouldn’t you want to associate with a company that makes your dreams our dream?


We Take Charge

Bluecrest is more than just a human resource agency. We take complete charge of all your human resource expectations and go above and beyond. We begin by assessing all the aspects you want fixed or improved. We then go through policies you want to implement, positions you want to fill and, in short, the organisation you want to build. Our aim is to give you HR solutions that are in line with your business goals.


We Are Transparent

We don’t want to keep you in the darkness. Bluecrest takes a lot of pride in being transparent with all our customers. This is why our customers keep coming back to us. From everything to policy planning, company Human Resource strategy planning to timely reporting, we do it all.


We Are Result Oriented

We want the same things you want for your company and we are not going to stop after crossing small hurdles. Bluecrest has a weekly/monthly reporting system where we provide feedback and data for positions that require more employees, sections that need to be streamlined along with timely recruitment processing progress. Our efforts have helped many companies find their footing in an exceedingly competitive world.


We Are Honest

When it comes to human resources, honesty is a very important part of our workforce. We value honesty and integrity and hence we report to all our clients with honesty and integrity. We respect our customers and hence we don’t upsell or misguide them about services that we know aren’t needed.

Other Services

Executive Search

We cater our services to every industry, profession and profile. We provide services from big corporate firm to SME segment and startups. This led us to be an expert of placing every specific profile to the relevant position and getting exposure across all industry sectors.

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Payroll Management

We offer comprehensive and personalised payroll processing to our clients by using the latest payroll software. By combining the latest technology with knowledgeable, educated staff; Blue Crest is able to provide fast, accurate payroll processing by maintaining utmost confidentiality.

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Recruitment Process - RPO

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find candidates quickly with minimal efforts from your end? Recruitment Process Outsourcing is just that. It is ideal for you if you are constantly searching for new talent or if it is difficult to come across the skills needed to fill positions in your agency.

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We conduct a proper search for the best candidates and then our industry specialists along with HR consultants shortlist candidate. This way client can understand the professional expertise of candidates and decide on them. We cater our services to every industry, profession and profile

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Your employees, whether permanent, part-time, or temporary, are your greatest assets. They are critical to the success of your business. As such, you might think that recruiting and hiring is best done in-house. If you truly believe that your workforce is vital, then you would want to ensure that you are hiring the right people to join you. 

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HR Consulting

When the right people are working with you, engagement levels increase automatically, productivity improves and it becomes easier to attract, retain and develop the best talent. With an optimum work environment there comes an increase in conversions. But how do you find and maintain the right office atmosphere?

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