For every organisation a brand is important as its product, service or concept can be publicly distinguished from others. Branding is the process of creating and disseminating the brand name and the logo.

One late afternoon saw us sitting with Hiral of White watermelon in a popular coffee shop in Powai, Mumbai and discussing threadbare the services we were offering our clients. After some brainstorming sessions, Hiral came up with the name – Blue Crest.

Blue Crest sounded interesting to us as we understood that –

Blue– denotes “Trust & Confidence”.
Crest– denotes “Determination & Creativity”.

Blue Crest has a deep strong foundation of almost 15 years and many years of experience in HR solutions and is growing bigger and better to reach highest peak.

Puzzle Piece concept

Every company (our client) needs a team to grow. We at Bluecrest find the missing pieces of the company’s (our clients) puzzle.

We help them complete the team with the right person at work. We become a part of each company to make the puzzle (team) complete and grow.