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Payroll Management Services

We offer comprehensive and personalised payroll processing to our clients by using the latest payroll software. By combining the latest technology with knowledgeable, educated staff; Blue Crest is able to provide fast, accurate payroll processing by maintaining utmost confidentiality. These services are spread across geographies though we are Mumbai based. We have years of experience in all employment, payroll matters and provide all statutory compliances. 

Our Services includes collecting the attendance details of employees, and processing the salary, preparing individual tax computation statements, preparing salary slips, taking and issuance of Form 16 (at the end of the financial year). We also look after computation of EPF, ESIC, PT, TDS & Bank Statement details, Leave Encashment Bonus/ LTA/ Medical/ Loan/ reimbursement computation. We ensure that the salary is processed on time.

Why hire a payroll management team?

Dedicated Team and Resources

Payroll management is an intricate process. It takes more than one person to efficiently carry out payroll processes and becomes exceptionally difficult for smaller companies to dedicate one staff to manage payroll functions. Not to mention, the possible errors that may occur if a pair of amateur eyes handles the intricate workings of the payroll system. Bluecrest has a trained set of individuals who have managed payroll for more than 20 – 30 years. In order to ensure we have no errors, we also have specific softwares made especially to overlook human errors and processes.

Proper Documentation

Documents pertaining to an employee’s payroll is extremely important. An employer should be able to retrieve it at any time. Our payroll management system is not only detailed, it is systematic and easy to retrieve. At any given time you can retrieve an employee’s attendance, salary, tax information etc. Proper documentation also allows us to send timely pay slips to respective employees.

Attention to Detail

Even the smallest details in payroll can drastically affect your business. When does your employee come to work? How consistent is their attendance? It may seem minor but when we have an overview of the company’s human resource performance, even the most minor details matter. We maintain all records pertaining to payroll management so that you can lead your workforce in the right direction.


With a detailed payroll management process, you know the company worth of each employee. How much are you spending on each employee and how well are they performing? By having a proper payroll management team in place, there will be a sense of accountability. You will know which employee is accountable for the profits and losses incurred by the company. Sometimes we do not understand the importance of managing payroll but if we have a detailed documentation process in place, payroll management can help us in ways we cannot imagine.


Companies grow and change with time. Any good company has long term and short-term goals to ensure they remain on track. But sometimes, circumstances allow us to venture into different avenues. A good payroll management system is one that can adapt to the company’s growth and changes. We understand your company’s need to evolve into the most efficient goods/service provider within your niche which is why we grow with you.

Payroll services methodology

Size. Goal. Budget
We make it work for you

Every company both big and small, needs a payroll management process in place. Payroll management not only ensures that your employees are paid on time, but it helps you understand how much revenue you saved or exhausted in managing your resources. How much money are you making in the process. How soon can you expand your business. You will have all the answers to these questions if you hire an experienced team to manage your payroll. Allow us to assist you through your journey.

Providing excellent

Payroll solutions under one roof

Payroll management is an intricate process. You will require more than one person to carry it out efficiently. But that would also mean, trusting different people with different aspects of payroll management. Allow us to handle the complete payroll process so that it all remains under one roof. We use a data managing software that makes it easy to extract data when needed.

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