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We cater our services to every industry, profession and profile. We provide services from big corporate firm to SME segment and startups. This led us to be an expert of placing every specific profile to the relevant position and getting exposure across all industry sectors. We conduct a proper search for the best candidates and then our industry specialists along with HR consultants shortlist candidate. This way client can understand the professional expertise of candidates and decide on them.

What goes into selecting the right people for the job?

Employee Persona

We begin by outlining your requirements. Every job post has an interesting set of skills. In addition, there are external factors we must keep in mind like working hours, geographical radius within which the employee resides etc. An outline keeps all these pointers in front of us so that we can create an image of the perfect employee persona. Once we have an outline, we plan the resources needed and the platforms required to search for this employee persona.

Candidate Research

The planning process allows us to get in touch with many new candidates. In some cases, we select job seekers available in our database. When we have chalked out job seekers who best match your requirements, we conduct a background check. If it brings back favourable results, we schedule an interview with your organisation.

Selection and Follow-up

Finally, when we place an employee in your organization, we assist with the on-boarding process. We want to ensure that all respective candidates have settled in well in your organisation. Follow-ups keep us aware of the changes that take place in your company and carry out human resource functions accordingly.

India’s best selection agency with a

State of the art service model

A systematic approach towards all our services allows us to carry out recruitment functions in an effective yet timely manner. Our team uses some of the best data management software available to store and retrieve information as needed. We cross check each employee manually and our niche experts conduct interviews before we place hardworking candidates within each niche. Our data recording and management systems allow us to manage the payroll process for our client companies. If there is a sudden opening for a highly qualified individual in your workplace, we conduct executive searches to find the ideal candidate. This state of the art service model allows us to be one of the best human resource agency in India.

Placements without risk

Best fit guaranteed

For an organisation to have maximum output, you need an enthusiastic group of employees who are willing to learn. We conduct thorough searches to find employees who not only have the skillset but are eager to work in your company. This helps us board new employees at a faster rate.
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