Oil & Gas

As a recruitment agency, we have served many oil and gas companies. We understand this vertical well and look forward to serving this niche with diligence and sincerity.

Banking & Financial

The banking and financial department handle the most crucial jobs for the country. It has been a privilege to handle the human resource sectors of banking and financial departments.


The manufacturing department requires a varied range of skill set. Since our inception, we have placed many aspiring candidates in manufacturing companies.


We have worked closely with pharmaceutical companies since our inception and understand the skill set required in new candidates in this department. We look forward to serving you.

We’re specialised

Industries we serve

We served an array of unique and interesting industries in the past and are always eager to serve more. From the hospitality department to the IT industry, we look forward to helping those in need of a human resource management team.

Placements without risk

Our risk-free hiring process

We have a detailed and systematic hiring process which allows us to find the right person for each workplace. After receiving the individual’s resume, we cross-check their information to ensure that it is authentic. Once we verify each employee as authentic applicants, we proceed with the hiring process. This allows us to place individuals in their ideal environments without risking the integrity of the company.

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Years of experience

Who we've worked with

We have the

best process for the best fit

Our process allows us to place job seekers in their ideal work environment. We work best when we are happy, and our best fit practice allows us to establish an optimum workplace for both employers and employees.

Financial Services

We placed several employees in the financial service department. These individuals have varying degrees of experience in consumer finance, accounting, money managing etc.

Operations & Management

When it comes to hiring someone in the operation management position it is important to find someone as eager to grow your business as you are. We are here to help you find that person.

Sales & Marketing

Successful companies must have a sales and marketing department that can approach new customers. We placed marketing managers in the past as well as dedicated sales employees.

Engineering & Technology

We placed a large number of engineers and those working in the IT sector. Engineers are on high demand and a good engineer is an asset to the company.

Hire with confidence

Why we're the best recruitment agency

Bluecrest takes an extra step to get to know our clients and job seekers who wish to find their ideal workplace. A good workplace is one that challenges us but also acknowledges our hard work and dedication. We aim to help you find satisfaction in your workplace, which can only be achieved with the ideal workforce. This sets us apart from other HR agencies as we understand there is more to you than just your skill set. Our systematic placement process allows us to place the right person in the ideal work environment.

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